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The 2018 SMPS Southwest Regional Conference (SMPS SWRC) is inviting the best and the brightest speakers to share your most innovative ideas and educate professional services marketing and business development professionals throughout the four corners region of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.  This conference, taking place at the Salt Lake City Downtown Hilton in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 11-13, 2018, will challenge professionals to:

Build the Buzz

We are building our marketers’ and business developers’ tool boxes and building the buzz.

Build Yourself  |  Build Your Firm  |  Build Your World

The SWRC Programs Committee seeks presentation proposals that focus on our conference theme:  Build the BuzzWe are seeking individuals, teams, or panels to present in the following areas:

• Build Yourself: Professional and Personal Development

• Build Your Firm: Business and Client Development, Marketing, and Firm Operations

• Build Your World: Innovation; Community Engagement

We challenge you to submit a presentation that concentrates on EXPERIENTIAL PROGRAMMING.  Experiential programming is creating a memorable and emotional connection, diving deeper into subject matter, and providing hands-on resources that attendees will be able to take back to their firms.  The tracks provide fluidity in subject matter, but speakers should focus on aligning to the track concepts.


Our judges are looking for buzz-worthy sessions in the following formats with a preference towards interactive presentations that actively engage the audience. If your session is accepted, SMPS SWRC reserves the right to revise titles, reassign the identified topic area, or edit the program summary for promotional and program materials.

Programs will be slated for 60-minutes, with the exception of workshops, that will run for 90-minutes.  Please allow for ample time in your presentations for question and answer segments and interactive engagement.


While lectures typically consist of a speaker presenting on a topic, this format should incorporate a 10- to 15-minute question and answer segment to actively engage attendees.


Panel Discussion
Panel discussions give attendees the opportunity to hear three to four viewpoints on a specific topic. Concluding with an extensive question and answer segment, this format gives attendees direct access to experts. Panels are limited in size to no more than one moderator and three panelists.


Roundtable Discussion
Roundtable discussions present a deep dive into a chosen topic and consist of a small groups of five to eight professionals (including a moderator.) This format enables attendees to digest new concepts and hear real-life experiences from their peers.


Best Practices

Best practice sessions provide concrete examples of successful plans implemented in some of today’s most respected companies. Attendees gain industry and outside perspectives on a variety of relevant issues. Many times these types of programs use case studies.



Workshops provide hands-on learning experiences that use group discussion, exercises, demonstrations, and case studies. Workshops will run for 90-minutes, to allow for a more interactive experience.


Buzz Lounge Sessions

Buzz Lounge Sessions are short bursts of interactive attendee group discussions that cover one key topic in a more casual setting.  We invite approved speakers to stay after their presentation and join our attendees in the Buzz Lounge Session.  Presenters will get the opportunity to answer additional questions, dive deeper into their subject matter, and engage one-on-one with conference attendees.

Keynote Sessions

The programs committee is currently selecting keynote speakers outside of this call for presentations.  At this time, the call for presentations does not include keynote sessions.